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Bet365 Bingo
Bet365 Bingo
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Bonus : Deposit £10 and get £20 as a reward.
Here’s how it works : £20 of bonus bingo cash is yours, simply by making a first deposit of £10 or more and then purchasing at least £10 of Bingo tickets. To take advantage of this offer, be sure to use the special code you’ll receive by email after signing up at Bet365.

Bonus : 100% reload bonuses are frequently given to players each week. These bonuses are custom-created just for you, based on the amount that you played in the previous week.

Bingo Rooms : A wide range of bingo rooms are available at Bet365 Bingo throughout each day, including the 90 ball Jetsetter Room (recently one lucky player won a jackpot of £17,000 in this room) and the popular Safari Room, and the 75 ball Rainforest and Explorer rooms. That’s just the beginning, with other options including the Cocktail Lounge, Orient Express (a recent winner took home a £14,000 jackpot in this room), Island Hopper and Sun Seeker rooms. There are also special rooms with different games available, including Deal or No Deal Bingo and Joker Jackpot. There are plenty of bingo games available each day for just 1p and some even offer great jackpots.

Promotions : How about some BOGOF to get the day started? There’s breakfast BOGOF daily, and if that’s too early you can always catch the BOGOF again for brunch, or relax and wait until the late afternoon BOGOF games. The Penny Pot Jackpot is great too – as the name implies, it’s just 1p for a ticket and if you’re lucky you could find an extra £500 jackpot (minimum) in your pocket, with another £500 being shared among everybody else in the room – that’s right, you don’t even need to be the winner to get your share. And on the final day of the month there’s also a Bumper Penny Pot Jackpot with double the prize pool to share among players. First Class Fever takes place every night with prizes up to £150 and tickets starting at just 3p.

Bingo Linx is perhaps the most exciting daily bingo you’ll find online – every day there are special sessions where the various 90 ball bingo rooms at Bet365 all join together to play Bingo Linx with £1,000 of prizes at noon, £2,500 in the evening and an incredible £4,000 in the late night session. And then you definitely won’t want to miss the last Sunday of each month – the prizes for the late night session rise up … to £10,000!

At Bet365 Bingo the weekly £365 Flat Out Frenzy is a fun event, with 20 speedy games played for just 1p per ticket. Prizes of £265 are shared across the 20 games, with the prizes increasing in value as the games progress – the final game offers a £100 jackpot. But best of all, a £100 consolation pot is generously shared with anyone who didn’t win a prize during the 20 games, so in the end everyone’s a winner. And if you want even bigger prizes, there’s also a similar event named Cash Climber that occurs every month – with £1,000 total prizes over 10 games, and with the stakes increasing with each game – yet again there’s a great consolation pot, this time it’s £365 shared among those who didn’t win a prize in the 10 games – and tickets are amazingly still only 1p.

Last but not least, look out for the Free Bingo games – they’re happening every single day and £50 can be yours with zero risk and plenty of opportunity for reward.

Chat Games : The friendly Bet365 Bingo chat hosts are always arranging chat games throughout the day, and they have so many types of games that you’ll always be entertained – from Anagrams and Guess Who, to Lucky Numbers and I Spy, you’ll be winning bonus points and prizes while having a lot of fun.

Other Games : Fancy a ‘side game’ inbetween your Bet365 Bingo sessions? You’ll find a lot of great slots available, including Atlantis, Jungle Madness and Slots n Robbers. Some slots even have massive jackpots to win – you could join the player who recently won an astounding £127,400 while playing the slot Pirate Plunder, while a lucky lady won an incredible £430,900 jackpot while playing the slot ‘Lucky Ladies 88’. Bet365 Bingo also has a few multiplayer slots for extra fun. There’s also blackjack and mini roulette to name just a couple of the other games available.

Scratch Cards : Join the online scratchcard craze with some of the best scratchies around – Arabian Delights, Cops n Robbers, Bingo Scratch – there’s even a Big Brother scratchy. Perfect for those quick moments between bingo tickets.

Loyalty Scheme : Bet365’s Loyalty Scheme offers great rewards for frequent bingo players – you can earn points simply by playing regularly, then convert your collection of points to free cash or free bingo games.

Bet365 is one of the UK’s largest companies, and you won’t find a more solid and reliable company for playing bingo online. Bet365 has served over 4 million customers in 200 countries, and their ‘one-wallet’ system also allows you to play casino games, poker and sports betting using a single account for maximum convenience.

Support is available through 24/7 customer service, including live chat, email, freephone and call-back.

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