Bonus : 100% match on your first deposit – up to £50 bonus.
Example : Deposit £20 and receive £20 free bonus,
or Deposit £50 and receive £50 free bonus.

Bingo Rooms : Luckily at Mecca Bingo it’s easy to play in more than 1 room at a time, this is useful since there are so many great games taking place all day in the many rooms. You’ll find regular 90-ball bingo in many of the rooms, including the Two Little Ducks room, Legs Eleven room, Dancing Queen room, and Clickerty Click room.

Other rooms feature 80-ball and 75-ball bingo styles, including 75-ball Pattern Bingo (match the pattern for a bonus prize). There’s also the Joker Jackpot room which uses pictures of playing cards instead of numbers, and has special jackpots available. And don’t miss the special games that offer free scratchcards to all the players that haven’t won a prize, in the appropriately named ‘Last Chance Saloon’ games.

Bingo Linx : Every day there are £8,000 in prizes given over 3 very special ‘Linx’ games. In these games there are many different bingo sites linking together for mega-prizes, with the 1st game of the day offering a prize pool of £1,500, the 2nd game of the day has £2,500 to give away, and the final game of the day has a massive £4,000 for lucky players to take home – amazingly these events take place every single day. And on the last Sunday of each month at Mecca Bingo, take part in the Super Bingo Linx with an incredible £10,000 prize pool.

Deal or No Deal Bingo : This great bingo game offers a ‘Deal or No Deal’ to the Full House winner. If you’re not the winner, don’t worry you can still cast your vote to help influence the decision to take the box or not – and with a progressive jackpot starting at £10,000, it’s like the thrill of the TV show with all the bingo players being part of the excitement.

Snakes & Ladders : All bingo players know the unfortunate feeling of having ‘one to go’ (1TG as it’s known online) at the end of a game, but in the Snakes & Ladders room it’s actually a good thing. Every player with 1TG at the end of each game receives a guaranteed cash prize, with up to £500 jackpot prize also available.

Jackpot Promotions : Mecca run a lot of special promotions, for example there was a £10,000 jackpot being given out every day, and one lucky lady from Sheffield hit the Jackpot twice, saying, “I’m absolutely gobsmacked! I was just playing because I like bingo and certainly didn’t expect to win the first time, never mind again! We’ve decided to really treat ourselves and my partner and I have bought a new car, computer, all sorts for the house and have of course treated our three children.”

Meanwhile a lucky London lady won a £20,000 jackpot and wrote, “I’ve been very lucky since joining Mecca Bingo, with at least one win a month! I tried other bingo sites, but I found Mecca to be the best and I haven’t looked back since. I can’t believe this latest win. I had pre-bought my tickets and was actually flicking between the TV and the bingo game, so I didn’t realise I’d won until I saw the chat room and even then I had to ask my husband if it was all real! We’re both over the moon and looking forward to buying a new car with the winnings.”

Another £20,000 jackpot winner was Andy from Essex, who wrote, “I won £500 a week ago and thought that was amazing and then when I won the £20,000 jackpot a week later I thought I was dreaming! I like online bingo as it’s so easy to play, you just have to buy the tickets and watch or go away and come back later, which is what I did with the January Jackpot. I bought the tickets an hour before the game and only realised I’d won until I read the chat room and saw the money in my account! Since telling my family my sisters and cousins have all joined Mecca Bingo too!”

Yet another lucky lady, from Lancashire, wrote “when I came back I saw that I’d won the full house which was amazing in itself, I hadn’t realised that I’d won the £20,000 as well! It wasn’t until I went to chat that I noticed I’d won more. Everyone in the chatroom was asking where I’d gone and was congratulating me – they were so nice! It’s absolutely amazing and it still hasn’t sunk in. I couldn’t sleep that night at all! … My daughter recommended Mecca Bingo online to me and I haven’t looked back since! The site is so easy to use, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

There are also jackpots available every day, like the ‘Mega Ball Booster Bonus’ – this jackpot starts at £5,000 and increases each day if it hasn’t been won. You’ll win the jackpot if you get a full house within the first 33 balls being called. Recently a mother from Manchester joined the site and not long after was thrilled to win the Mega Ball jackpot, and fortunately for her it had risen up to a massive £20,000. The lucky winner said “I only spent 60p on tickets! I was only half watching the game and then at the end I saw the stars flash up and noticed that everyone was congratulating me, the other players are very helpful … I am going to use it for a holiday to Australia and then a new car!”

Other Games : Many people like to play other mini games and slots at the same time as playing bingo, and you’ll definitely find a lot of fun games here. There’s a big range of popular slots like Jungle Madness, Alien Supernova, Elvis Top 20, Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly and Triple Fortune Dragon. There’s also a lot of classic games plus great new variations like Pinball Roulette, Double Attack Blackjack, Bingo Keno Extreme and Miss Hi-Lo Club, as well as a range of very popular scratchcards including X Factor, Big Top, and Funky Monkey Scratchcard.

Mecca is owned and operated by the Rank Group, the same company that owns Grosvenor Casinos and Blue Square, one of the leaders in online gaming for over 10 years. You can rest assured that your games here are being run by a trusted and respected company with a history of top quality customer satisfaction.

Support is available 24/7 with live online chat, email, and telephone (freephone).

Deposit Methods
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Mobile Phones
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