Betfred Bingo Review

Betfred Bingo
Betfred Bingo is a Trusted Site.
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Bonus: Check the Betfred site for details of any bonus they may currently be offering.

Bingo Rooms : You’ll find 90 Ball Bingo at Betfred in the following rooms : The Bonus King room, The Betfred Bunker room, and the 50’s Diner room. In these games there are 3 ways to win : 1 line, 2 lines and Full House (Bingo). You’ll also find 90 Ball Speed Bingo in those rooms. Meanwhile in the Classic Seaside room and the Wild West Saloon room, you’ll find 75 Ball Bingo games, with 5 prizes to win – 1 line, 2 lines, all the way up to 5 lines.

Bingo Linx : these are special games every day, where players in all the different bingo rooms can join together for a massive linked game with special prizes. The daily 12pm Bingo Linx game has a £1,500 prize pool, while the 6pm game has £2,500 guaranteed, and join the 10:30pm game for a chance to win your share of £4,000… And there’s also a monthly Super Bingo Linx game with a giant £10,000 guaranteed.

Joker Jackpot : This fun bingo variation features special bingo tickets – instead of using regular numbers, your ticket will have a ‘hand’ of 9 playing cards from a deck of 54 (including jokers). There are 2 prizes to win, the standard Full House as well as a special prize if the called cards appear in a J pattern on your ticket.

Chat Games : You’ll find a great selection of Chat Games run by the enjoyable chat moderators, for example anagram games, quizzes about celebrities or movies, trivia and many more fun games.

Multi-Rooms : Betfred Bingo allows you to play in more than 1 bingo room at the same time, so you’ll never miss out on playing your favourite games.

Team-Bingo : This new addition to Betfred allows players to get together with 4 of their friends to form a team and play together, meaning more fun for everyone.

Side Games : At Betfred Bingo you’ll find a wide range of instant-play ‘side games’ which you can play at the same time as playing bingo. Side games include fun slots like Fruitopia and Atlantis Gold, as well as progressive jackpot slots like Clover Rollover (jackpot has reached over £1,000,000) and Thor’s Thunder. There are also some great scratch-cards including Arabian Delights, Big Brother, and Cops’n’Robbers. You’ll also find favourites like Blackjack and Roulette, as well as the chicken-themed Keno game – ChiKeno!

Loyalty Program : Every time you buy a bingo ticket, you’re automatically receiving VIP Points that can be exchanged for cash.

Betfred is a very reliable company, with over £1.5 billion in annual turnover – in fact Betfred began operating back in 1967 and have now grown to over 750 locations in the UK. The company has a reputation for offering great value to their customers, with a priority on customer satisfaction.

Support is available through live online chat, telephone (freephone) and email.

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